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Wedn. Night Studley Q&A 3 S's Chat
Jan 5th 2012, 04:00

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[Studley] Hello everyone, I have been in finance for over 20 years, I have been a hedgefund partner for 10 years, I have also been through a number of currency revaluations over the years

[srm777] There is a lot of chatter, I call smoke, going on about delays for months now... What is your take on all this and what are we aqll to believe at this point. Help solidify these concerns please if you will.

[Studley] Let me start off by saying, there has been smoke for a long time, that is the nature of a currency play so no one, especially the large funds can take advantage of the system, they will never let you know exactly how or when this is coming down, never micromanage this currency play

[sfmhi] Studley - First, TY for coming to share your expertise we us. Do you see tell tale similarities with the Kuwait RV and this one we're waiting on which will help us ascertain whether we are close or still a ways to go?

[Studley] comparing this event to Kuwait is like comparing apples to oranges, there are similarities like we are dealing with a Middle East country, oil is the main way to value the currency, but this event is much more complicated, it is not just a reval, there are more agencies, and complicated issues to deal with, I could write a book trying to explain that question

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_[bigdaddytim] Is the currency play tied to a global realignment?

[Studley] This currency play is tied to a global leveling, many countries are involved, lots of negotiations, many behind the scenes deals being worked out, this is much bigger than a normal rv, we are dealing with a new banking system, and this is the lynchpin that will start the leveling

[...andi] Why are banks “pretending” to not know anything about this investment and yet a select few are willing to admit that they even know what an IQD is? Don’t they want our business? Why the vague responses?

[Studley] They can't by law give any clue about this investment because of banking regulations, there are some tall tales going on right now, for the most part I wouldn't believe most of the banking stories, but they seem to be handling this reval different because of the sheer number of people involved, so there are some people lining up to cash out, but until it goes public, no one is supposed to even talk about this, remember, normal revals are only supposed to be for a select group of qualified investors, not the public, that is why there are so many problems, the banks and agencies are not used to doing this, that is why sometimes it seems like the banks are not handling this well, they never had to do this before

[...andi] Is it true that the FDIC insures $100,000US in a non-interest bearing account or is the limit still $25,000US for each account regardless of interest?

[Studley] I am not a banker, I am an investment specialist, I don't know specific banking regulations

[rterry613] Studley: Do you mainly base your opinions off of current news from, here and overseas or Intell providers? Ty

[Studley] my opinions are based off of my experience in finance, and currency, and my connections with people in the industry

[jam777] Studley ... are you as excited about the possibilities of RV this week as all the rest ? I know, you are not a date and rate guy ... but you do have sources.

[Studley] I don't think like that, I will not micromanage this event because I know how complicated this is, there can be a million ways to stop it, I take a long term approach, I follow Dr. Shabibi, and his policy, he has always stated that when he had a sovereign nation and investment laws in place he will rv

[...andi] In your opinion what is the #1 mistake people in our position make when cashing out their investment? And what can we do to avoid this mistake?

[Studley] The biggest mistake everyone makes is not saying I don't know, there are no answers to certain issues with rvs, it is a speculation that is especially mysterious, NO ONE will know the terms of the rv until it is made public, they can change the rate or date at ANY MOMENT, that is why I will not give rate or date

[c1432] what are your thoughts on money floating?????

[Studley] can u explain that last question, what do u mean by floating money

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Studley, you mentioned on the last Hammermann call that your window was out to January 15th. Is that still the case, or has that narrowed or widened. I know you don't know the answer, but what is your best educated guess on this?

[Studley] Yes, I stick to that prediction, however, this can pop at any time, there is a process this has to go through, we have information this should have happened this week, but this event is so complicated, I refuse to micromanage this

[sonnayhwh] Studley, heard you on a call last week. Very much appreciate your professional manner. Do you still give credence to the algorithm issue, and if so, is it still in play, iyo?

[Studley] I know some people don't understand how the Algorithm works, but that is the goal when they release rate changes, again, NO ONE will know when it was started, and no one will know when it ends until a rate pops out all over the world in banks, and throughout the system

[allanon] For Studley: why is the IQD not traded? Sanctions?

[allanon] What is the typical size of an RV? Has there ever been a 1000x's RV?

[Studley] First off, this type of rv has never happened, normally, it is controlled, only a select group of high level investors usually can participate, Secondly, the IQD is not traded because Sadam Hussein invaded Kuwait, sanctions have been put on the country by the UN, when that happened the foreign investment left the country and crushed the Iraqi dinar

[truckerbabe67] post RV how easy will it be to cash in? as currently most the banks a lot of us have talked too look at us like were from outter space and say they will not have anything to do with it? THANKs!

[Studley] Banks are NOT experts in investments, the people they put out on the front lines to talk to you have been purposely given false information about the dinar, once the Iraqi dinar is revalued, and made public, the banking system will welcome you with open arms, again, because of various banking regulations, and misinformation, they cannot deal with the Iraqi dinar until it is formally revalued

[Bigdog55] Where is the best place to put you money once it RV's that will make you the best in safe returns

[Studley] I cannot recommend investments for legal reasons, however, I will be working with Johnny and some of the mods to negotiate investment advisors and companies, I will not be asking for any money, I am doing this because I want to help everyone not loose their money post rv, one piece of information I can give you, do not make any investment decisions for at least 30 days, there will be major changes in the banking and investment community

[allanon] What's your take on the global currency realignment? 100+ country RV

[Studley] I am aware of the global leveling, the entire system has been thrown out of wack since the world has changed from a gold backed currency system to a fiat system, they are trying to rectify the system, and the start of that is the currency realignment

[DueTime] We have been told that the rate has been dropped in. What does it take for it to show?

[Studley] Like I said before, I am not going to micromanage this event because of the complexities that are involved here, NO ONE knows the exact process to full release, however, I do believe we are extremely close to seeing this publicly

[Rced88] Are there any truths behind a certain bill in iraq being passed before rv occurs to protect those there that may already have existing loans out.

[Studley] I am not sure, the laws I am focused on are the investment laws that the Iraqi parliament still has to approve, I believe they are specifically hiding the public announcement because they don't want to show their hand before they reval

[OREGONPUDDLES] Studley. I know you are not a date are rates guy. Do you believe we are in a window this Month for an opportunity for the RV?

[Studley] Yes, I do, I do believe this is out of Iraq's hands, and most of the information coming out of Iraq is meant to confuse the public

[IslandDancer] How do you advice for someone to approach a bank to see if they will do a cash in?

[Studley] I advise you to be patient, and wait until they release the rate publicly, then you will see the rules, and conditions released simultaneously with the reval, you should let your bank know that you will be receiving a large sum of money from an investment, and you should create a 
corporation to put your dinar in

[tigers] Is there anyway that the Iraq currency won't rv?

[Studley] NO, the only way it won't rv is if WWIII is started, don't forget, there are no guarantees in currency plays, however, Iraq needs an international tradeable currency especially since that Iraq is sovereign

[JimmySmack] Are the delays we have seen re: the IQD typical of other rv's u have been a part pf?

[Studley] Yes, they will always confuse you, always put out misinformation to throw you off the scent, but no this rv is much more complicated, and confusing than anything in the past, they are throwing more bs at us than ever before

[RevalGal] What is your opinion of where we will first see the new IQD rate posted, the banks of CBI?

[Studley] the RV will simultaneously appear everywhere, you will not have to look for it, within 15 minutes of the rv, the information will go viral everywhere

[Robinhood] Do you see this as a larger plan to level the currencies of the World?

[Studley] Yes, this is part of the PLAN, this will be only the beginning of the leveling, they will be restructuring the entire financial system, that is why I wouldn't invest until the smoke clears, I also believe they will get off the fiat system, and base currencies on natural resource wealth, and other quantifiable factors

[flameon] Studley: many many concerns of dinar holders revolve around the fear that the "big boys" will find a way to force the little people out of the game. Please comment.

[Studley] They cannot force anyone out of the game, some laws were tried to be passed, and were rejected, the big boys need you as much as you need them, but they won't tell you that. I would feel very confident in this investment, but like I said before, any investment involves patience, this one a ton, but I have a great feeling we are very close

[tigers] Studley what facts should we look for to know that the Iraq Dinar is on it's way to a revalue ? Thanks

[Studley] that is the problem, there is not a road map to the rv, a lot of people look to the financial markets, speaches by high up political figures, etc. YOU WILL NOT GET INDICATIONS DIRECTLY LINKED TO A RELEASE OF AN RV, THE SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY, the goal of the people releasing the rv is that no one will be able to take advantage of the system, be comfortable that you are in the right investment at the right 

[Eagle Has Landed] Hi, Studley. Bit confused here. First you stated that Iraqi parliament has investment laws to pass and then you said it is out of Iraq's hands. What am I missing? Thanks. hi to Shad. .

[Studley] great point Eagle, I believe it is out of Iraq's hands, I believe the laws are already passed, just not made public because that is one of the final indicators of exactly how close we are, and the people in charge of the system have done that for a reason, If u have great information on the matter, which I know you do, please share, I would love to learn more

[ArizonaHeat] wow, ok well Eagle Has Landed we has several people in Iraq the past days, Biden along with other high ups to "help" the process along. these negotiations were long and very definitive. Upon returning, these meetings were passed to the proper people so that things can be put into place. Yet another step done. So when you hear the word "done" know that it is a step needed to put this closer. This information along with the UST being "done" allow this Revaluation to take form. So the answer is yes out of Iraq’s hand, but it was there meeting in Iraq that allowed it to go forward

[Dimples] Do banks have to be closed in order for new rates to appear? AND do they have to show @ CBI, Before Banks?

[Studley] no, when Kuwait rvd, it was right before the closing bell, don't forget we have banks all over the world, there should be some banks open and some closed when this appears, also, the issue we have here, is this is an entirely new banking system, so a lot of the normal currency rules have been altered, we should see this simultaneously everywhere,

[jubalation] Studley, do you believe the Federal Reserve will be done away with and our US dollar go back to the UST? And will exchanging Federal Reserve notes for UST notes be a problem? n

[Studley] jubalation, because of what I do investment wise, I cannot comment on that, but I will say, don't listen to the fear mongering, there will be a just system, and you will not loose your money

[QueenQ] studley ty for coming and welcome to the squirrel tree! What do you think is the hold up of this rv compared to others?

[Studley] Again, great question, I could write a book on that question, I don't know, don't forget this is not just an rv, they are leveling a ton of currencies, and changing the entire banking system at the same time, both of these events have never been done before, I personally don't believe there were as many holdups as some of the other people commenting, I believe this was part of the plan this whole time, dont forget shabs asked 
for a sovereign nation, and security before rv, so I don't believe they were going to do it until the new year

[Kurtissh] If everyone, including the US government attempts to sell the Dinar once the RV happens, is there any chance of trading being halted due to lack of funds?

[Studley] No, this event has, and is going to be controlled event, I do believe the UST has held this up in the past because they were having trouble with security issues based on how many people have dinars, based on fractional banking, and the fact that most of the money will be electronic, they shouldn't have major issues, also, the US govt has a contract with Iraq to exchange dinar for oil, they won't be cashing in like u and me

[tammy] Jonnywg mentioned on a post today that some stating intel have not paid for the access to the forex site that is paid for. How does this site 
differ from the forex currency exchange site all can see on the Internet?

[Studley] because of the access, certain investors and investment houses will get different information, there are different levels of information on FOREX

[suziqiqd] How did you find out that Kuwait Rv'd?

[Studley] I looked at my computer

[ArizonaHeat] .Katt VERY good point , the internet at that time is no where near what it is today.

[Studley] You won't have to search for it, it is not going to be hidden, it will be EVERYWHERE

[Studley] I never said I saw it on the internet

[ktsj] what currency's do you believe will be coming up next to invest in???

[Studley] I believe there are a number of currencies that will have similar characteristics to Iraq, number one is Lybia, they are going through similar steps to what Iraq did, however, I don't think we will have the same opportunity for total return as in Iraq. some other countries to look at are Chile, and Canada

[booyahoohoho] Studley do you advise us to diversify into silver/gold/real estate quickly in case the dollar crashes, or will our money be safe in trusts/LLC's etc. thanks

[Studley] First off, because of liability, I cannot give investment advice, what I do recommend is everyone get professional investment advice before you do anything, a lot of people will try and scare you into an investment, or give them your money before the sky falls, ANYONE WHO GIVES YOU INVESTMENT ADVICE BY SAYING SOME MARKET, OR COMMODITY IS CRASHING IS A RED FLAG, BE CAREFUL. ALWAYS RESEARCH WHO YOU GIVE YOUR MONEY TO, MAKE SURE THEY HAVE THE PROPER LICENCES, AND ARE REGULATED BY THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION

[achievepubs] so are you saying that the RV is the lynchpin that will START the leveling? We don't have to wait for everything to be done first before the RV?

[Studley] yes, that is correct, the dinar is the catalyst for a lot of financial events 

[changed4ever] I have a friend heavily invested and he has been apporached by one of the big 4 banks to consider what I think he called "platform trading". Can you explain and what would your advise be? They promised huge returns.

[Studley] I would be very careful of anyone promising huge returns, that is another red flag, one suggestion, if he invests with them, make sure the investment is fully insured with one of the top insurance houses, platform trading means the bank probably has a customized platform to trade with, it is hard to explain because, it depends on which market they are trading, and other variables

[anami] Studley, from your perspective on larger hedge funds, where does one dump a large amount of proceeds and still have insurance (if it's over the FDIC limits)? Are regular banks even prepared to deal with this for us?

[Studley] hedge funds are meant for sophisticated investors, they are very complex, there are many hidden risks with them, I would NOT recommend them unless you are diversified into less risky investments like high rated bonds, or T bills, one thing everyone has to understand, there are going to be many risks in the investment community, one of the most important things is to manage risk through diversification

[tskmstr] Studley-where are the funds coming from to exchange the dinar i understand there is 24 trillion dinar out and if it rv's at 3 $ that's 72 trillion who has that kind of money?

[Studley] Shabibi has taken a large amount of the dinars off the market, there is not nearly that many, and the system doesn't work that way, the payouts will be electronic, and you need to do your homework on Fractional Banking

[blank256] Is there a drop dead date that the RV has to happen by.


[wirelessty] Do you believe that the DONG will revalue and be posted at the same time as the IQD?

[Studley] yes

[santafe] Studley, thanks for answering our questions. Do you feel the big f our banks will be safe. What do you think of Swiss banks... in regards to safety?

[Studley] Like I said before there will be huge changes in the banking system, that is why I would recommend diversifying your holdings into separate institutions with a number of LLCs, and Trusts to protect your funds, and I can't be more specific because everyone's needs and situation is different

[sophye2] Regarding your answer: [Studley] yes, that is correct, the dinar is the catalyst for a lot of financial events ....................... does that catalyst include the PP's ?

[Studley] I am not going to comment on the prosperity packages 

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